A-TEC Anlagentechnik GmbH

A-TEC Anlagentechnik GmbH is one of the worldwide leading experts for Coal Mine Methane (CMM) in the field of CMM utilisation and degasification.

  • Safe operation of CMM
  • Utilisation of CMM for heat and power operation
  • Climate protection with CMM utilisation

  • Our employees have long term experience in the field of mining, plant engineering and construction as well as efficient energy technologies. We have extended world wide co-operations with scientific institutions and research institutes to keep our competitive edge.

    Our core competencies are
  • Exploration of new CMM fields
  • CMM potential and production studies
  • Consulting for climate protection projects
  • Monitoring and verification of JI-projects
  • Planning and operation of CMM test suctions
  • Design of CMM utilisation plants

  • Delivery and optimisation of turn-key plants, especially:
    1. Suction and degasification with CMM
    2. Combined heat and power generation plants based on coal mine gas
    3. Fackelanlagen für Grubengas
    4. Flaring systems for CMM